Sickle arm X-ray machine

Short Description:

NKX-502 sickle arm DR filming machine is mainly used for photographic inspection of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.

  • Brand Name: NEWHEEK
  • Model Number: NKX-502
  • Product Name: NKX-502 sickle arm DR X ray machine
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Power supply: three phase 380V±10%
  • U arm stroke: 1200mm±20mm
  • SID stroke: 1000mm~1800mm
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Medical X-ray UC Arm with smart outlook, high precise mechanical performance, widely check up body parts. It can automatically to adjust the flat panel detector height according to actual check up body part.
    It can be matched with the different kinds of radiography tables freely.
    Medical X-ray UC Arm with two functions about resetting and rotate protection. It can preset three positions into the machine, and press the three resetting key the system will move to the positions you preset. When the U arm is at a lower position, it can press the key to rotate it. It will not rotate. Then run up it to a higher position, it will work. This function is to protect the machine from topple and fall because of the UC arm touch the ground when it rotates.
    Super image chain to get perfect image. Special IT image workstation software realizes real time image collect, storage, processing, print and transfer etc function.
    Adopt a-SI flat panel detector, with stable performance and reduce x ray dose in greatly extent.



    ① Power Supply
    Power supply: three phase 380V±10%;Power frequency: 50Hz±1Hz; I.R.: ≤0.2 Ω; Power capacity: ≥55KVA; Grounding resistance: ≤2 Ω

    ② X Ray HV Generator
    Max output power 50kVA (tube voltage: 100kV; tube current: 500mA); Tube current adjustment range: 25mA~630mA, load time adjustment range: 1.0m~6300ms, tube current time product adjustment range: 0.1mAs~6630mAs

    ③ X Ray Tube
    30.50KW/125KV, bifocus 1.0/2.0, Anode Heat Capacity140KJ

    ④ Collimator
    Manual,SID=100cm, light field of view brightness >160lux, Illumination ratio>4:1, light 24V/150W, field of view light time:30s; multi shielding leaves

    ⑤ UC ARM
    U arm up and down stroke:1200mm±20mm; The lowest position of U arm to ground: 480mm±20mm; U arm rotation:-30°~120°; Detector rotation:-45°~+45°; SID stroke:1000mm~1800mm

    ⑥ Flat Panel Detector
    Detector technology: Amorphous Silicon; Scintillator: GOS/CSI; Active area: 14”×17”; Pixel pitch: 150μm; Limiting resolution: 3.3Lp/mm; Number of pixels: 2304×2800; AD conversion: 14 bit; Gray scale: 16384 gradation; Data interface: Gigabit Ethernet; Full image acquisition time: Approx.5s after X-ray exposure

    ⑦ Image Workstation System
    image collect, storage, processing, print and transfer etc function.

    Product Purpose

    • Cheap maintain cost 

      Super image chain, output perfect image 

      Professional IT image collection software to ensure super image 

      Ensure the machine working stable under complex environment and high quality image 

      Low dose x ray requirement reduce the radiation harm greatly

    UC arm x ray machine (2)

    Main slogan

    Newheek Image,Clear Damage

    Company Strength

    1. Microcomputer control, LCD display, easy to operate.
    2. Newly designed high frequency and high voltage generator
    The exposure conditions are stable and precise, reducing the radiation dose while reducing the generation of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors.
    3. Simple and convenient body position display
    According to the selected patient's body shape and position, the exposure parameters are automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.
    4. New sickle arm design
    Accurate rotation angle, multi-angle photography, to meet clinical needs.
    5. Reassuring security features
    The fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault state, and can automatically protect and display the fault code, which is accurate, convenient and timely.
    6. Adopt digital flat panel detector with stable performance and greatly reduce X-ray dose

    Packaging & Delivery

    Waterproof and shockproof carton


    Qingdao ningbo shanghai

    Picture Example:


    Size(L*W*H):2370cm*1020cm*1080cm G.W(kg): 550kg



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