Digital Radiography Wireless Cassette

  • Wireless Cassette NK4343V

    Wireless Cassette NK4343V

    NK4343V smart wireless cassette size flat panel detectors, is CsI / GOS based,portable A-Si detector. Reliable iSync+ AED,stable wireless connection,long battery life,high image quality and light weight design,establish NK4343V as the standard of quality in X-ray DR retrofit and system applocation.

  • Wireless Cassette NK3543V

    Wireless Cassette NK3543V

    The digital wireless flat panel detector is a portable amorphous silicon detector based on CSI/GOS. Reliable isync+AED, convenient and stable wireless connection, long battery life, high-definition picture quality and lightweight design, with human anatomy program, established the quality standard of nk3543v.

  • wireless digital x-ray dr flat panel detector

    wireless digital x-ray dr flat panel detector

    Wireless flat panel detector has high-definition images, high-speed, stable and convenient wireless transmission, and can complete full-resolution image transmission within a few seconds. The wireless flat-panel detector can be connected to all current x ray machines.The spot delivery price of this product does not include freight.
  • Factory direct sale portable X-ray machine with flat panel detector

    Factory direct sale portable X-ray machine with flat panel detector

    The Nk4343W wired flat panel detector uses a wired flat panel detector as an X-ray image acquisition device, which perfectly replaces the traditional photosensitive screen system and realizes the digital conversion process of X-ray signals. Flat panel detectors are mainly used in X-ray machines. It can directly display the image on the computer, replacing the traditional hand-washed film, which is more convenient to use. However, flat panel detectors are widely used in different fields such as medical and veterinary applications. Vascular Plate Detector High-frequency X-ray machine integrates high-voltage generator, main control system, intelligent computer system, digital display and beam limiter, and is suitable for remote diagnosis and treatment;