X Ray Detector

  • NK4343X Digital Radiography Wired Cassette

    NK4343X Digital Radiography Wired Cassette

    NK4343X is a veterinary X-ray flat panel detector, high-definition imaging, conventional size: 14*17 and 17*17, with low-dose, fast image transmission. The super battery life can ensure a day’s use even in a busy radiology room, without the hassle of charging or replacing the battery. It has the characteristics of fast, stable and convenient.

  • Wireless Cassette NK4343V

    Wireless Cassette NK4343V

    NK4343V smart wireless cassette size flat panel detectors, is CsI / GOS based,portable A-Si detector. Reliable iSync+ AED,stable wireless connection,long battery life,high image quality and light weight design,establish NK4343V as the standard of quality in X-ray DR retrofit and system applocation.

  • Wireless Cassette NK3543V

    Wireless Cassette NK3543V

    The digital wireless flat panel detector is a portable amorphous silicon detector based on CSI/GOS. Reliable isync+AED, convenient and stable wireless connection, long battery life, high-definition picture quality and lightweight design, with human anatomy program, established the quality standard of nk3543v.

  • NK3543Z Digital Radiography Wired Cassette

    NK3543Z Digital Radiography Wired Cassette

    NK3543Z is one kind of high performance tethered X-Ray flat panel detector. The technology of CsI could obviously reduce the exposure dose and develop the image quality.And the fast imaging workflow makes it easy for operators to complete the photographing of animals.It can satisfy both of the general and retrofit Veterinaryand medical DR system.