Manual right side x ray bucky stand NK17SY

Short Description:

The side-ejection vertical film stand NK17SY is a floor-standing vertical receiver, suitable for radiographic inspection of exposed parts of the human body’s chest, spine, abdomen and pelvis. The extended vertical movement track is convenient for tall patients to perform skull and other Inspection of the site. Because of its stability and flexible and agile sports performance, it can provide a good basis for diagnosis in hospitals, clinics, and private clinics.

  • Brand: Newheek
  • Model: NK17SY
  • Open Way: Frontal/right-side
  • Film Box Move Distance: 1100mm
  • Color: White
  • Focus: 1800mm
  • Grids Max Size: 17"*17"
  • Cassette Max Size: 17"*17"
  • Cassette Min Size: 8"*10"
  • Customization: Available
  • Certificate: ISO9001 / ISO13485
  • Product Detail

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    1. Purpose: Suitable for X-ray examination of human body parts such as chest, spine, abdomen and pelvis.

    2. Function: This device is composed of a column, a trolley frame, a film box (a film cart that can be pulled out of the box), a balance device, etc., which can be adapted to the cassettes of ordinary X-ray film of different sizes, the IP board of CR and the DR Flat panel detectors are used.

    3. The film box adopts the right-side film ejection method, which can be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile film rack (NK17SY type). (Mobile base size: 70×46×11 cm)

    Properties  Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
    Brand Name  Newheek
    Model Number  NK17SY
    Product name  vertical bucky stand
    Film fixing method  Frontal/right-side
    The maximum stroke of the film cassette 1100mm
    The width of the card slot suitable for boards with a thickness of <19mm
    Film cassette  size 5"×7"-17"×17";
    Wire grid (optional) ①Grid density: 40 lines/cm; ②Grid ratio: 10:1; ③Convergence distance: 180cm.


    Customization  available

    Product Show


    Picture of Manual right X-ray Bucky Stand NK17SY


    Picture of Manual right X-ray Bucky Stand NK17SY with movable base


    Manual right X-ray Bucky Stand NK17SY film box is a picture of the right side ejection type

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    Waterproof and shockproof carton.

    Carton size:198cm*65cm*51cm

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    Port;Qingdao ningbo shanghai

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    1 - 10

    11 - 50


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