What diseases should the orthopaedic clinic see (which X-ray machines and which X-ray machines are used)

When looking at orthopedic injuries, people often do various imaging examinations, but ordinary patients often do not know what the imaging examinations they do are used for, and what X-ray machines will the orthopaedic clinic use? What is the principle and development process of inspection? Today, I will introduce to you two commonly used examination methods such as X-ray and CT in orthopedics, so that you can have a deeper understanding of them.

UC arm x ray machine (1)
X-ray imaging is an imaging technology based on the penetrability of X-rays to human tissues and the difference in thickness and density of different tissues, and the different absorption and attenuation of X-rays. Just like our company’s X-ray machine equipment, our company’s X-ray machine equipment is divided into different types of equipment, and the body parts captured by different power levels are also different. Fractures, ligament sprains, joint injuries, osteoarthritis, femoral head necrosis, etc. are common in orthopedic outpatient clinics. We will accordingly recommend our large 30kw sickle arm X-ray machine, which is a large fixed device. Because of its high power, it can shoot all parts of the body. This set of equipment is completely sufficient for orthopedic clinics. This digital DR device can directly and conveniently view the image on the computer by transmitting the image through the flat panel detector. The image is clear and convenient, which brings convenience to many orthopedic clinics.

Unlike X-ray images, CT images are not directly obtained by shooting, but are truncated images reconstructed by a computer based on the shooting data. Often used for major surgery. Not many are used in orthopedic clinics.
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Post time: Jun-23-2022