Vehicle-mounted DR that can be installed on the medical examination vehicle

Vehicle-mounted DR is a subcategory of DR equipment. It is an X-ray inspection equipment applied to medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is designed for mobile medical examination vehicles. Its composition is basically the same as that of DR commonly used in hospitals, but It is much more convenient than the fixed DR in the hospital, it can realize quick physical examination in different places and scenes, and it has a good anti-seismic effect. Therefore, installing on-board DR on the medical examination vehicle can efficiently complete the radiation medical examination items. The vehicle-mounted DR is mainly composed of an X-ray generator, an imaging device, a high-voltage generator, and a bracket, and is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by combining computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. And it can perform real-time image processing to meet the needs of digitized photography of various body parts such as the cervical spine, lumbar spine, limbs and bones of the wounded and sick in emergencies. The data can be directly transmitted to the medical system information database through the network, which can make doctors better. understanding of patient information. Moreover, the vehicle-mounted DR requires low power for the power supply, and only needs 220V for normal exposure, which reduces the radiation dose. When the hospital carries out medical examination activities in the countryside, the vehicle-mounted DR cooperates with the medical examination vehicle to conduct physical examinations for the masses, which plays an important role in promoting the development of primary medical care. The establishment of a comprehensive safety lead protection room for the on-board dr is also a major advantage of it. It can ensure the safety of doctors and patients, prolong the life of the medical examination vehicle, and make the medical examination vehicle safer during movement.
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Post time: Mar-16-2023